MaineJobs Spotlight: Commercial Broker

June 3, 2010 in Articles

Author: Matthew Cardente
Publication: Portland Press Herald


How did you get started?

As an intern for The Boulos Company, in 2000. My father and grandfather have been developers in Maine for more than 50 years and were my mentors when I started. In 2005, I founded Cardente Real Estate. We now have six commercial brokers and represent all aspects of the sale and leasing of commercial real estate in Maine. Last year my brother Michael and I started Cardente Property Management, and now manage almost 250,000 square feet. Michael was also with me from the beginning of CRE.

What skills are essential to your job?

You must know your market and understand your clientele’s needs,  especially in this soft economy. Investment transactions require specialized skills in mathematics and financing. Other skills include negotiation strategies, understanding real estate documentation, and being able to cold call. However, if you are not a people person and are unwilling to listen, you won’t make it. You must always put your client first.
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