Leasebacks can be a boon

March 23, 2008 in Articles

Author: Matthew Cardente
Publication: Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

In today’s market, it is difficult to justify buying a property that is partially or completely vacant, unless you are buying it as a business location or have a replacement tenant. Often, buildings that are sold vacant because the seller is the owner/occupant and is either moving the operation, or closing the business altogether.

One way to land a buyer in this situation is by doing a sale leaseback. Here is some insight on how a leaseback may be beneficial to the seller and the buyer.

If you are an owner-occupant and think you are going to sell your building in the next five years, plan ahead. Consider selling at least one year earlier than your move out date and offer prospective buyers a leaseback of the space that you occupy.

However, make sure you have flexibility, as an owner/user may want to move in sooner.

The longer leaseback term you agree to, the more security you offer the investor. Besides, if you plan to relocated your operation, it is beneficial to have a year to find the right property as well as have time to move. (Continued on PDF)

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