Much Needed Makeover

March 22, 2016 in News

Publication: Mainebiz

A much needed makeover for five-way-intersection in Portland

On Monday, the Portland City Council unanimously approved an agreement that will give the busy five-way intersection of Woodfords Corner a makeover. City officials say the project will help spur residential and economic development for the off-peninsula neighborhood.

The large-scale project will see Forest Avenue north of Ocean Avenue widening to accommodate two lanes of traffic in both directions, as well as adding a number of "bump-outs" that will narrow intersections making it safer for pedestrians to cross.

The increased ease for pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood is a welcome change to residents of the neighborhood, according to the Portland Press Herald. Although the area is home to a vast array of businesses — including international markets, restaurants, antique stores and a theatre company — the crossing of four lanes of traffic on Forest Avenue is a deterrent to the residents of the neighborhood, many of whom are the highest-earning residents in the city, the newspaper reported.

The project also includes construction of a plaza in front of the nearly 120-year-old Odd Fellows Hall, with outside furniture and the elimination of a right-turn-only lane onto Woodford Street for traffic northbound on Forest Avenue.

Although some businesses in the area are worried about the loss of parking between Woodford Street and Vannah Avenue, city officials are quick to let business owners know that the city is looking for alternatives to replace lost parking.

"We can replicate a number of the spaces," transportation systems engineer Jeremiah Bartlett said. "I wouldn't say it would be a one-to-one replacement."

The beginning of construction for the project, which city officials had originally planned for last year's construction season before it was delayed to perform needed upgrades to the railroad crossing on Forest Avenue just north of Woodfords Corner, is expected to kick off during the summer.

As for the cost of the ambitious project, the $2.6 million price tag is being funded by federal, state and local money — city taxpayers will be footing $640,000 of the bill.




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